Friday, November 13, 2015

North West Region Conservative elections

The present officers of the North West Region of the Conservative voluntary party come to the end of their three-year period in office in December.

I would like to thank the outgoing chairman, Rob Bailey, Deputy Chair (political and campaigning), Richard Elliott, and Deputy chair (membership and finance) Pam Hall for all their hard work over the past three years.

The election for their successors is getting underway, and I think it is a good sign for the Conservative party that quite a few candidates have come forward to offer a choice.

I am one of those candidates: I am standing for the post of Deputy Chairman (political and campaigning.)

Ballot papers and copies of a CV/address from each candidate are being circulated this week to the people with a vote in the election, which is the members of the Conservative party's "Area Councils" within the North West. These consist of the Area officers for each county/area, and the representatives of each constituency party to the local area council (usually the constituency chairman and two others).

Here is a copy of my election address.

I regard all the other candidates in this election as friends, and I hope and expect that I will still be able to say that after the election, which needs to be contested in a friendly and constructive manner.

May the best candidates win.



Jim said...

Good luck Chris. Hope it goes well for you, if it does not, then its good to see you are happy to lose to the better man/woman for the job.

At any rate, and what ever happens. As an "outsider" I can see you are a great asset to the Conservative party, always have been. Of that I have no doubt.

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks, Jim, appreciate your kind words

McCall said...

We are fortunate to have a candidate of your calibrate, intellect, commitment and integrity. I very much hope those with a vote appreciate your obvious quality and suitability - we need you in that appointment and should count ourselves fortunate that you are up for the job. If there is anything I can do in support am standing by!

Peter Mc

McCall said...

Auto spell!!!


Tho I'm sure you're well calibrated too!

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks for that, Peter.