Friday, November 13, 2015

Sensible people on the right and the left repond to the "Jihadi John" news ...

Most British people do not take pleasure in anyone's death, not even that of a monster such as Mohammed Emwazi (also known as "Jihadi John").

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown may think some people were "ecstatic" at the news but I certainly am not and have not seen anyone else who appeared to be.

Which does not mean most of us disagree with the British and American governments that it was necessary and right to deal with him. We are simply relieved that he will not have the chance to murder anyone else.

The important thing is to stop terrorists from killing people. If we can do it by arresting them and putting them on trial, as has just happened in Turkey in one case, that's great. But that will not always be possible as, indeed, even some Labour MPs recognise.

As Labour MP Ian Austin put it

"How do people who think Emwazi should have been put on trial think this could have happened & how many others would he kill in the meantime?"

He added ironically on twitter:

"Home Office Questions Monday. Let's see how Theresa May tries to explain why she didn't send a few PCSOs to arrest Emwazi & put him on trial."


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