Friday, November 20, 2015

North West Region Conservative elections - don't leave it too late to vote!

My voting papers have arrived today in the election of North West Region Conservative officers. They were all posted on Friday 13th so my set took a full week to get from Salford to Whitehaven.

My relief that they had arrived was initially tempered with irritation at the Royal Mail for the delay. Having looked into things I now realise that, for reasons we won't go into here, the RM did well to get the papers to me at all, but it does make the point that if something is time critical it's never a good idea leave sending it too late and blithely assume it will get there in a couple of days.

Ballot papers need to be returned to Regional Office by noon on Friday 27th November, so if you are a member of a Conservative Area Council in the North West of England and have not yet voted in the regional elections, it would be a good idea to get your papers filled in and posted quickly.

There are eight candidates for the three positions: I regard all the other seven as friends and am confident that all who have put their names forward would do a good job if elected.

I am not standing on a "slate" and if elected myself would be willing to work with whoever is elected to the other two positions. If I am not elected myself, then whoever does win will be able to count on my support.

The candidates standing are as follows.

For Regional Chairman:

Sir Robert Atkins
Richard Elliott
Michael Winstanley

For Regional Deputy Chairman, Political and Campaigns

Pam Hall
Amelia McCourty

For Regional Deputy Chairman, membership and finance

John Cunliffe
Caroline Henley.

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