Saturday, January 28, 2017

Another great day's campaigning

I spent most of today in Millom organising campaigning for the Copeland by-election. Despite the rain we managed to get a lot done to support the excellent Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison (left in this picture and centre in the first Egremont and Whitehaven photograph below:

Thanks to our kind and helpful hosts at Millom Conservative club, and thanks to those who helped, both those from Copeland constituency and those who came to help us from elsewhere - today in Millom we were particularly grateful for help from Barrow Conservatives.

Millom was one of three campaign centres today: here are some of the people who helped us campaign in the Millom area:

And here are some of the people who helped us campaign in the Keswick area:

And some of the people who helped us campaign in Whitehaven and Egremont: including a strong contingent of Scottish tories led by Ruth Davidson:


Overall we had about a hundred people out today despite the rain. This by election looks likely to be close down to the wire so every bit of help is appreciated: watch this space!

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