Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Party Chairman Patrick McLoughin attack's Labour anti-nuclear financial deal

Conservative Party Chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin has urged the Labour Party to stand up for the people of Copeland and end their financial partnership with anti-nuclear company, Ecotricity.

Following reports in the Sun here, that Labour’s by-election campaign in Copeland is being bankrolled by an anti-nuclear energy firm, Patrick McLoughlin has written to both Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour candidate, Gillian Troughton.

Writing separately to both, he urges them to reconsider the financial arrangement where the party receives £50 for every member that switches to Ecotricity, stating the deal ‘demonstrates a flagrant disregard for the people of Copeland’.

Ecotricity has called for nuclear power plants to be closed in 2025. These plans would have devastating consequences for the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing complex and other civil nuclear facilities which employ 12,000 people in Copeland. They would also block the creation of Moorside Nuclear Power Plant which is planned to bring 21,000 new jobs to the area.

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin MP said:

“If the Labour candidate cannot stand up for the nuclear industry then she cannot represent Copeland.

“Rather than supporting ordinary working people, Labour are lining their own pockets. The nuclear industry supports thousands of jobs across the country and Labour is happy to turn this off.

“They have a leader who wants nuclear power plants decommissioned and won’t back the new development at Moorside that would create thousands of jobs – it’s clear they are only interested in investing in themselves.

“The Conservatives are the only party that will deliver the vital investment that will provide the jobs and better services that ordinary working Cumbrians deserve.”

Here is Patrick McLoughlin out and about in Bransty ward, Whitehaven early this morning with local Conservative activists during a visit to the Copeland constituency

Left to right: Copeland Conservatives chairman Arthur Lamb, me, Rt. Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin, Bransty Councillor Graham Roberts, Andrew Wonnacott, and Egremont councillor Jean Lewthwaite

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