Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's views on Nuclear Power

You can hear Jeremy Corbyn's views on Nuclear Power, rebroadcast on the Radio 4 Today programme this morning from a 2011 speech by the man himself, at

This recording will be available for the next 29 days (from 12th January 2017).

If you click on the link above an iPlayer window should open.

Pull the scroll bar along to 2 hours 48 minutes and 12 seconds into the recording during a report on the Copeland by-election (which starts about a minute earlier) and you will hear the man himself making the comment we are now quoting on Conservative leaflets:

"No Nuclear Power, decommission the stations we've got."


Anonymous said...

Not sure you could get much clearer than this:

Chris Whiteside said...

Absolutely, his views expressed consistently and with crystal clarify up until a few days ago were total opposition to nuclear power. As you rightly say, he could hardly have been much clearer about it, in the speech you link to or many others.

It is only in the past fortnight, since he finds himself as party leader, about to fight a by-election to defend a Labour majority of just 2,564 in a constituency which is utterly dependent on nuclear power, that he has started equivocating.

But although the local Labour party has tried to "spin" what Jeremy Corbyn has said as dropping his previous objections to nuclear power I think many people will be very far from convinced - at most he replaced previous outright opposition with coded comments which could mean anything.