Friday, January 20, 2017

Labour in "Utter chaos" over Article 50

One of Labour's own MPs described the party as being in "utter chaos" as Jeremy Corbyn appeared to reverse his position over whether to vote for or against article 50.

Asked whether Labour will back PM Theresa May and support the formal triggering of the process of leaving the EU, Mr Corbyn initially said:

“I’ve made it very clear the Labour Party accepts and respects the decision of British people.
“We will not block Article 50. It means all Labour MPs will be asked to vote in that direction next week, whenever the vote comes up.”

But just hours later, senior aides said that Mr Corbyn had not meant to imply that a three-line whip will be in place next week and instead claimed that a decision has not yet been taken. Other members of the shadow cabinet such as Clive Lewis have indicated that they would defy any instruction to vote to leave the EU.

More details here.

The Conservative position is quite clear. We promised at the 2015 general election to give the British people a vote on whether to stay in the EU, and we have kept that promise. We promised both at that election and during the run-up to the referendum to implement the decision of the British people as expressed in the referendum and we will keep that promise too.

I have no time for Tim Farron and the Lib/Dems who want to ignore the referendum result, but at least they are clear on where they stand. Labour cannot even manage that - they are all over the place and even their own MPs admit it.

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