Sunday, January 29, 2017

Last call for Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association ballot

If anyone reading this is a member of any of the six Conservative associations in Cumbria, and has not yet returned their ballot papers for the vote on the proposed Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association, can I please urge you to find time before the post goes tomorrow to fill in your ballot paper and return it to Kendal Conservative Office in the pre-paid envelope provided.

The ballot closes at noon on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

The six constituency chairmen in Cumbria have issued a message to all members thanking the hundreds of people who have already voted and strongly encouraging those who have not yet done so to return their ballot papers and vote "Yes."

The current Copeland By Election - in which all six associations in Cumbria have given fantastic support to the campaign - demonstrates what we can achieve if we work together. The proposed pilot for a Cumbria-Wide association will help us to do that more effectively.

For any party activist from elsewhere in the country reading this who is familiar with the language of the Feldman Review, the proposal is for a pilot MCA (Multi-Constituency Association), but we have called it a Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association because we wanted to use language which would explain more clearly to our own members what is actually proposed.

This is a really exciting proposal, which we had started working on before the national party came up with a similar idea which we have latched onto - and the initiative came from Cumbria, it is not something that CCHQ have told us to do.

Individual constituency organisations will keep control of their own funds and assets and retain the right to pick their own candidates to be MPs or councillors for their own patch. The aim is not to remove the autonomy of individual parts of the county but to support one another in campaigning together much more effectively. We need the support of members in all parts of the county to make this work so I would urge you to return your ballot paper if you have not already done so, and please vote YES.

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