Saturday, July 21, 2018

Health Secretary announces new boost to use of Technology in the NHS

Matt Hancock, the new Health and Social Care Secretary announced yesterday that the government is putting half a billion pounds of taxpayers' money into new technological transformations which will improve patient care, reduce workload on staff and make every pound go further.

Key facts:

In his first speech as the new Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock set out his three early priorities
  • technology, the health and care workforce and prevention 
  • to support the long term plan for the NHS, and 
  • to transform health and social care. 
He also announced a £487 million funding package to help make our health and social care system the most advanced in the world.

  • £412 million will be spent on improving patient care, allowing more patients to be cared for at home, and ensuring every pound goes further. 
  • The remaining £75 million will be made available to hospital trusts to put in place state-of-the-art electronic systems. 
Why this matters: 
Our long term plan for the NHS will aim to make it the most advanced health system in the world
- one where technology addresses the user's needs
- making care better for patients, but just as importantly making life easier for staff.

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