Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Quote of the day 4th July 2018


Jim said...

Its a bit like the adverts we are constantly bombarded with at the moment about saving water, brown lawns bounce back, dirty cars will get clean, save water.

How about a house that has been unlivable for 3 years due to flooding twice, how about bridges being washed away by record levels of rain, how about constant floods for 3 years, then 3 weeks of decent weather and its all how we need to save this precious resource.

no that is class "A" B*llsh*t - no way, insisting that people go on water meters all over to raise profit then insist on that, no. fix the leaks stop the madness and there is water for everyone. now stop it.

Chris Whiteside said...

Just trying to relate this to the Thomas Sowell quote - was this a continuation of the comments on the 1st July thread?