Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The wonders of modern technology ...

There was a bit of delay in blogging this week because the computer on which I write this blog fell over twice yesterday.

I had decided to replace the computer when I made one last attempt to switch it on this morning and this time it worked …

I suspect for many people this will be a familiar story.

I had originally intended to use the following line from "The Pilgrim's regress" by C.S. Lewis as my quote for the day:

"It is the same with all their machines. Their labour-saving devices multiply drudgery; their aphrodisiacs make them impotent: their amusements bore them: their rapid production of food leaves half of them starving, and their devices for saving time have banished leisure from their country."

I changed my mind because on reflection I thought the quote from the same author about pride which I used instead is much more universally true.

Sometimes new machines really do what it says on the tin.

The reverse it true often enough, however, that the line above is amusing ...

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