Saturday, August 25, 2018

Campaigning in Carlisle

Went to Carlisle today to support Syed Ali (Conservative candidate for Carlisle City Council) and Geoffrey Osborne (Conservative candidate for Cumbria County Council) in the two by-elections for councillors to represent Denton Holme on 6th September 2018.

The by-elections were caused by the sad death of the late Councillor Hugh McDevitt, with whom I served briefly on CCC. I did not know him well or share his politics but I do know that he was widely respected across the political divide as someone who worked hard for Denton Holme.

Whoever wins these by-elections, I hope they will work as hard for the residents of the area as Hugh did, and I went to campaign for Geoffrey and Syed because I am sure that they would do precisely that if elected.

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