Thursday, August 23, 2018

New Chemotherapy unit at WCH

A newly renovated chemotherapy unit is to open at the West Cumberland hospital.

The Henderson Suite has now moved to its new home at the former special care baby unit on level 2 and will be able to deliver treatment to more patients than before.

Dawn Sanderson chemotherapy lead nurse said:

“We are very excited about the new suite it will benefit staff and patients alike. The new area will allow for up to ten patients to receive chemotherapy rather than the current six, so we are able to treat more people quicker. It is a more calming and relaxed atmosphere and there are also dedicated car parking spaces for chemotherapy patients. 

“We currently see more than 200 patients a month and we hope that this new unit will mean we are able to deliver care to more people locally. It means that more oncology or Haematology patients who live closer to WCH will be able to receive treatment closer to home. 

“For staff the new space is a new fresh environment with space for staff to hold informal meetings or take time out, there is dedicated professional development space for updating patient records and meeting space.” 

The team will also expand in order to deliver this enhanced service. Dawn added:

We have recruited three more trained nurses and two more health care assistants to help deliver more treatments to our patients. Since 2012 we have seen a 65% increase in the numbers of treatments, this is because we offer far more now than we used to for different kinds of cancer. As we advance further we expect to see more patients and this new unit means we can do that.”

The newly refurbished unit is part of the overall development of cancer services for the north of Cumbria which will include a new cancer centre at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle. The new unit will begin to see patients from 28th August 2018

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