Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quote of the day 12th August 2018

"Conservatism at its most powerful has been Reagan pulling down walls, Margaret Thatcher espousing single markets, William Hague insisting on human rights or David Cameron bringing in gay marriage. It’s not my creed, but conservatism at its best and most dynamic has long been a marriage of social and economic liberalism. Orbanisation is the death of conservatism."

(David Aaronovitch in an article in The Times on the difference between liberal and authoritarian types of Conservatism. It's behind a paywall but those who have either paid up or registered to receive a number of free articles per week can read it here.)


Anonymous said...

"social and economic liberalism" - behind a paywall

Jim said...

Free markets work that way, you see if you don't want to pay though the paywall you don't have to. FWIW i cant see behind that paywall either. but that is exactly how the free market works, if i dont want it I live without it and dont pay for it.

Free markets work because in order for me to sell you something i have to provide a service you want and keep you happy. its a win/win, you get the service you are happy to pay for, and I get paid.

Its how even going to every shop works. Trade always works this way, Here is a joint of beef, the shop is selling it for £5. No one is forcing you to buy it, if you buy it its because at the time of sale you valued the beef more than then £5, and the shop sold it because at the exact same time they valued the £5 more than the beef. Its the only way free trade can work.

Now, lets watch it on ITV news, what do you mean to do that I need a television licence, I don't want to get it from or fund the

Chris Whiteside said...

The Times is a commercial organisation which has paid David Aaronovitch to write the article. Their business model allows three ways for people interested in reading it to do so, all consistent with allowing them to cover their costs:

1) Buy the paper

2) pay the online paywall fee.

3) Register for a couple of free articles a week - essentially they are offering a couple of free samples of their product each week - and make this one of them.

I really cannot see anything about this which is inconsistent with social or economic liberalism.