Thursday, August 02, 2018

Glenda Leake RIP

Mrs Glenda Leake - just "Glenda" to everyone in Whitehaven who knew her, which is most of the town - died on 27th July after a series of illnesses.

Until fairly recently Glenda used to be a regular sight around Whitehaven on her bicycle and she did a range of odd jobs from windows to cleaning for a large segment of the local populace.

She and her husband Harold, who survives her, did an excellent job turning the land around their house which they leased from Copeland BC and had previously been an absolute eyesore into a beautiful garden. (For obvious reasons I'm not going to give the location here.)

In the face of what were often very challenging circumstances she worked extremely hard to make the best of herself. Glenda was one of the bravest and most hard-working people I ever met and an embodiment of what is meant by the expression "the salt of the earth."

Rest in Peace.

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