Friday, August 24, 2018

On traffic delays ...

Attended two meetings in respect of traffic this week: a public meeting about the planned traffic calming measures in Moor Row on Wednesday evening and an A595 working group in Penrith with highways England today.

Ironically the A66 (which is one of the roads managed by Highways England) completely froze up in the Penrith area making most of the participants in today's meeting late, including myself.

It reminded me of a line which John MacGregor MP, a very polite man, used to use when he was Secretary of State for Transport in John Major's government. I'm quoting from an old memory and may not have the words exactly right but I'm certain I remember the sense correctly.

"This is the first job I've held," he used to say, "in which, if the person I'm meeting is late, I feel I have to apologise."

Fuller reports back on both meetings will be posted over the Bank Holiday weekend.

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