Friday, August 09, 2019

Be careful if you are travelling this weekend

The weather forecast for this weekend is dire, and Friday evening has already shown that this appears to be accurate.

I understand that Cumbria County Council has extra gully teams on standby do deal with drainage issues and teams with chainsaws available to tackle fallen trees.

Cumbria was also affected by the power cut which hit many parts of the UK this evening due to the failure of two National Grid generators.

A number of traffic lights were out for some time in several areas of Cumbria - they did come back on line immediately when power was restored and the signal contractor had to be called out.

- three traffic signals were out in the Kendal area
- four traffic signals were out in the Barrow in Furness BC area
- ten traffic signals were out in Copeland
- one traffic signal was out in Carlisle
- three traffic signals were out and some homes without power in Penrith.

As at 9pm a number of these signals were still out of action.

Looks like it is not going to be an easy weekend. Take care if you have to travel.

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