Saturday, August 10, 2019

Traffic lights still out

A number of traffic signals around Cumbria went out at the time of yesterday's power cuts and did not come back on when power was restored.

As of 7.45 am this morning at least four traffic lights in Whitehaven are still out of action, including

the Coach Road/Inkerman Terrace Junction
the entrance to Morrisons/Flatt Walks estate
two Pelican crossings in Strand street near the junctions with Lowther Street and Duke Street

Please take care if you have to drive anywhere this weekend.


Jim said...

take them out, and replace them with roundabouts and zebra crossings, saves the issue and works better.

Chris Whiteside said...

There are places where that works but in a great many locations there simply isn't room to do it unless you are going to CPO (compulsory purchase) and demolish nearby buildings.