Tuesday, August 27, 2019

More ultra-fast broadband for Rural Areas

The government is taking action to accelerate rollout of the latest 5G technology in rural areas so we can unite Britain by connecting countryside communities. 
  • We are launching a £30 million fund which will see up to ten rural locations chosen to run innovative trials of the newest 5G technology to stimulate investment, drive business growth, encourage innovation and connect people. 
  •  We are also looking at how we can simplify planning rules to improve rural mobile coverage. 

Why this matters:
  • Reliable and fast broadband is essential to the economic survival of rural communities: without it the opportunities for local businesses to keep up with the market will vanish and the flight of young people to better connected parts of the country will accelerate.
  • By ensuring that every part of the country receives the next generation of 5G technology, we will boost local growth, unite our regions and bring the country back together.

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