Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Early election bill passed

The Conservatives have brought forward a Bill for a general election to be held on 12 December – so we can elect a new Parliament, get Brexit done and let the country can move on.

And, finally, the House of Commons has agreed.

We didn't want an election but this Parliament has forced another delay on Brexit which is really damaging the country.

If we don’t have an election, this Parliament will waste 2020 on more delay meaning we cannot focus on the NHS, the cost of living, tackling violent crime and more jobs.

Millions of families and businesses cannot plan for the future – we will not allow this paralysis and stagnation to continue. One way or another we must proceed straight to an election. Parliament can no longer keep this country hostage.

So sadly this is the only way to do it because Parliament and Corbyn have blocked everything.

Our top priority remains, as it always has been, to get Brexit done.

We will be making the case for the need for a functioning majority government that breaks the Brexit deadlock, and moves past the confusion, indecision and arguments that have plagued the last three years.

We will be taking our positive vision to the country for what is possible for Britain once Brexit is done and we leave with our great new deal.

Q: What about votes for 16 to 17 year olds?

  • This is a simple bill, with a simple purpose - to set the date of that election so we can get Brexit done. 
  • Votes at 16 are administratively impossible to deliver in the time available – you just can’t back an election before 2020 and votes at 16. 

Q: What about EU citizens?

  • No other EU country allows EU citizens who are not their nationals to vote in their elections. 
  • Not  France, not Germany, not Italy and not even Belgium allow citizens of other EU countries to vote in their general elections.

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