Saturday, October 19, 2019

Latest Brexit news

Opinion polls suggest that far more voters back the deal than oppose it

  • Scotland’s highest civil court has dismissed the latest court action from Remain fanatics trying to stop Brexit. A legal bid to the Court of Sessions to stop the UK government from passing its proposed EU withdrawal agreement was thrown out. Lord Pentland ruled the application was ‘misconceived and unjustified’.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron told a press conference at the close of the EU summit in Brussels on Friday he wanted to “stick to” the October 31 exit deadline. “I do not think we shall grant any further delay,” he said. 
  • Irish PM Leo Varadkar added “it would be a mistake” to assume an extension would get unanimous approval by all 27 member states. 
  • Momentum founder Jon Lansman warned Labour’s NEC would replace any MPs voting for Johnson’s deal with ‘new, socialist’ candidates ahead of the next general election. 
  • But Labour MPs told HuffPost they’ve been told no one will have the whip withdrawn if they vote for the deal.

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