Saturday, December 21, 2019

Getting Brexit done

Parliament has passed a historic milestone towards leaving the European Union, backing Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill by a thumping majority of 124, a week after the Conservatives won a landslide victory in the general election.

After comfortably passing its second reading by 358 votes to 234, the withdrawal agreement bill is on track to complete its passage through both houses of parliament in time to allow Britain to leave the European Union at the end of January.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Boris Johnson called on the British public to discard the labels of leave and remain as MPs prepared to take a historic step towards withdrawing the UK from the EU.

As far as I am concerned, once this had been put to the public in a referendum, the result of that vote had to be honoured. It was no longer just about Brexit but about democracy.

Brendan O'Neill has a piece in Spiked called "The End of Remain" which amplifies the point.

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