Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Second quote of the day 18th December

"Leave voters thought we were a Remain party and Remain voters thought we were a Leave party." 

"It wasn’t that we were taking the wrong position that wound most people up, they told us it was we were taking *no* position, or every position in a single day, that was driving them to distraction." 

(Peter Kyle, Labour MP, in a thread on Twitter about Labour's ambiguous position on Brexit)


Anonymous said...

BoJo can wipe out Labour forever as long as he doesn't listen to the Loons.

Chris Whiteside said...

It's very hard to wipe a major political party out completely.

(Although the "Independent Group For change" did bow to the inevitable and shut itself down in the last week, so parties do close down occasionally.)

However, there certainly seem to be some people in the Labour party who are acting as if they are trying to get Labour wiped out.

There also seem to be one or two people in the Conservative party who are acting as if they are trying to save the Labour party.