Sunday, December 22, 2019

Quote of the day 22nd December 2019

"From a historical point of view, I think when people look back at this period and they examine the extent of the Labour defeat.

"I think people will look back and think, 'hang on - people voted for something in 2016 and then lots of people in the political establishment in Westminster spent three years trying to undo that. What?'

"People thought we would be out the next day. Politicians on both sides, including the then Prime Minister David Cameron stood on platforms and said 'if you vote this way, it will happen.'

"They said there was no going back, and that this wasn't a vote that you can have a second opinion on."

"Lo and behold, three years later people are scratching their heads in the Labour Party, thinking maybe that was a bit of problem that they were trying to undo something that people voted for. 

"There are perfectly legitimate reasons for people to campaign for a second referendum." 

"But, covering it as a story, to me it just seemed like, people voted for that. 

"It’s not your job to undo it!"

(BBC correspondent Laura Kuenssberg on how people looking back in the future may see the last three years.)

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