Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Latest unemployment figures

The latest figures released by the ONS today show unemployment rose in the last three months, underlining why the steps being taken to protect jobs and livelihoods are so crucial. 

  • The government has been honest with people from the start that we would unfortunately not be able to save every job. But these aren’t just statistics, they are people’s lives. 
  • That is why the government put together an unprecedented package of support backed by over £200 billion and have a comprehensive Plan for Jobs. These measures have focused on protecting people’s livelihoods, which is what the furlough scheme has done and what support schemes – including the Job Support Scheme and Job Retention Bonus – continue to do. 
  • For those who do lose their job, there will be new opportunities through apprenticeships, traineeships and our £2bn Kickstart scheme, and extra work search support which will help to ensure nobody is left without hope.
  • There are no easy ways to deal with this. There is a very difficult balance to strike between saving lives and protecting jobs and livelihoods.

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