Thursday, October 15, 2020

Quote of the day 15th October 2020



Jim said...

That's why I was pleased to see that some good people are doing something. Put an end to the misery caused by this willful destruction of our economy and helping lookafter peoples physical and mental well being. I know as person with a history of mental health issues, previously and more recently, that the gym is an essential service.

Jim said...

Anyone intested in this one, the owner was of one of said gyms was told to close yesterday (Wed) when the "officers" returned and it was still open he was hit with a £1000 fine. So far the go fund me page has raised over £24,000 to help him pay it.

here is the link

Chris Whiteside said...

I know this is difficult but anyone, whoever they are, whether they are an MP, a government advisor, a business owner, or any other member of the public, should make every effort to keep the virus under control and that does mean trying to co-operate with the police.

I don't know the details of this case, and I don'# pretend that there have been no cases of overzealous enforcement, but I think most police officers have been doing a good job in very challenging circumstances.

Jim said...

The point here is if, by some absolute miracle, if the current administration ever get their act together, and if by same miacle they actually manage to present a workable method of virus containment. It wont matter, they have long since lost public consent. With endless pointless "rules" and the willful destruction of business and the treatment of anything thats not covid.

We police by consent in this country, and at the moment, that consent is on a very very very very slippy slope.

Jim said...

more on the gym thing, apparently though Lancaster is in a "very high" or Tier 3 as its now being called, situation its gyms are allowed to stay open. Lots of angry people in Liverpool of course as its gyms cant. Its great that Lancasters gyms are allowed to stay open of course, they are absolutely essential to many people however the fact Liverpools gyms have to remain closed is another blinding display of inconsistency and incompetence.

Here is a link to this story