Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Tipping Point

Today, Britain's Deputy Chief Medical Officer warned that we are at a tipping point in our national fight against Covid-19, and called on every one of us to act now by playing our part to saves lives and protect our NHS – by remembering the fundamental principles to wash hands, cover face and make space. 

  • As we see the number of cases increasing, we have now reached a tipping point similar to where we were earlier this year in our fight against this terrible disease, as we see the rate of infection and hospital admissions significantly rising once again.
  • As we head in the Winter months, we know that the fight against Covid-19 is by no means over. We must act now to control the virus and help protect our NHS as they continue to care for everyone who urgently needs support. It is our duty to protect the NHS so it can continue to provide its other vital services and treatments, for us, our families and our loved ones.
  • In March we were fighting a semi-invisible disease, one which we had little knowledge of – but now we know where it is and how to tackle it – so let us grasp this moment and act now by following the principles we know keep transmission low, so we can control the virus, saves lives and help protect our NHS.

Remember: Wash your HANDS, cover your FACE and make SPACE for people.


Jim said...

At the tipping point? The general consensus i have noticed is that the government "jumped the shark" with covid enforcement officers. Everything they do now just adds to anger. Pointless rules few know and fewer care about. The government has long since lost authority and the more of our money they throw at police to try and enforce fines the more angry the people become.

Now desperate to talk to local "leaders".

This absolute grasp at evermore power is now at breaking point. I guess something similar to Harrogate will have to follow, hopefully tumbrels won't have to roll.

Anonymous said...

This is the Government you voted for.

Jim said...

Mr/Mrs/Miss anonymous are you for real? The public had an option between a terrible government and an even worse one, and now its our fault because the government is terrible.

The lesser of 2 evils was selected at the lat election, lesser of 3 if you include the party that was going to point blank s**t all over democracy by stopping brexit altogether.

Like kidnapping someone and saying choose between me cutting off your finger or your arm. Then later on someone stating "its your own fault, you chose to have finger cut off."