Monday, March 28, 2022

Quote of the day 28th March 2022

 “I thought what the boss of P&O said yesterday about knowingly breaking the law was brazen, breathtaking, showed incredible arrogance and I cannot believe that he can stay in that role."

“What they did was they flagged their ships through Cyprus, avoided having to tell anybody about this - or they felt they did - and even though they know they’ve broken the law, what they’ve done is to pay people off in such a way to try and buy their silence.

“It’s unacceptable. So what I’m going to do about it is come to parliament this coming week with a package of measures which will both close every possible loophole that exists and force them to U-turn on this."

(Transport secretary Grant Shapps confirming his view that the chair of P&O Ferries should resign for his cavalier attitude to breaking the law and that the government will act against this unacceptable behaviour)

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