Friday, March 25, 2022

Reforming Social Care

Today the government set out the first stage of plans to improve social care, with a massive £1.36 billion funding boost to help local authorities pay fairer rates for care, so that everyone who needs support gets the best possible quality of care.

  • We all want to know our loved ones are receiving the best care possible – but for this to happen we need a thriving care market where providers receive a fairer cost for care.
  • That is why the government has set out plans to support local authorities with an additional £1.36 billion to pay a fairer rate of care to adult social care providers – alongside guidance to ensure the money is spent sustainably – helping to close the funding gap between people paying privately and those funded by local authorities.
  • This huge boost for social care is funded by our Health and Social Care Levy and will help address the problems in social care that have been ducked for decades – so that everyone can receive the highest possible quality of care without facing overwhelming costs.

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