Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Support for Ukraine

Britain is continuing to support Ukraine as Putin’s barbaric attacks continue, including donating generators to help keep essential services running, and bringing the most vulnerable to safety as we play a leading role in the humanitarian effort. 

  • We are seeing the tragic consequences in Ukraine from Putin’s grave mistake everyday, and his inhumane efforts to knock out Ukraine’s power supplies are wreaking more misery on millions of innocent civilians.
  • That is why we are donating more than 500 mobile generators to Ukraine, providing much needed energy to essential facilities including hospitals, shelters and water treatment plants. As well as helping to keep the lights on in Ukraine, we are also bringing some of the most vulnerable to safety, including 21 Ukrainian children with cancer who have been brought to the UK to receive lifesaving treatment through the NHS.
  • As the Prime Minister reiterated to President Zelenskyy at the weekend, Britain will continue to stand behind Ukraine in all their efforts to bring an end to this disastrous conflict. 

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