Second quote of the day 25th October 2022

 "As I've seen elsewhere: Waking up this morning, we have a Christian King, a Hindu Prime Minister, a Jewish Home Secretary and a Muslim Mayor of London.

You can disagree with personal politics, but that is a victory for a diverse, multicultural Britain - and we should be proud."

Daniel Sugarman on Twitter. Technically Daniel should probably have put "elect" or "designate" after Prime Minister as Rishi Sunak does not become PM until he goes to see the King later today, but the basic point is right.

There are far too many people who make at best ungracious and at worst racist comments when someone from an ethnic minority succeeds in modern Britain if they don't like his or her views. 

To give three examples, there is the speech Sir Keir Starmer described as racist and for which he suspended Labour MP Rupa Huq, the tweet which Labour HQ ordered Labour MP Nadia Whittome to take down yesterday, or this article on the Guardian website today by Hashi Mohammed which might perhaps be described as displaying a very mixed reaction to the election of Britain's first PM of Asian ancestry.

People's race is not defined by their political views or their bank balance, and those who truly welcome and practice diversity understand this.


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