Nineteen more Community Diagnostic Centres to open

Today, the government announced that 19 additional Community Diagnostic Centres will open across England this year, boosting capacity for life-saving tests and helping to deliver on the promise to cut NHS waiting lists. 

  • In the wake of the Covid pandemic, the NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge to tackle backlogs and bring down waiting times for patients. 
  • That is why the Conservative government is investing £2.3 billion to deliver 160 Community Diagnostic Centres by 2025, of which 19 will open this year – providing over 1 million tests, checks and scans to tens of thousands of patients. The 92 operational Community Diagnostic Centres have already carried out three million tests, including cancer screening and MRI scans, as part of the biggest catch-up programme in the NHS’ history. 
  • This will deliver on the promise to cut NHS waiting lists – providing additional capacity for potentially life-saving tests for patients across England as part of the Elective Recovery Plan. 


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