Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Daily Mail pulls no punches

Although the Daily Mail has the reputation of being part of the so-called "right wing press" they have often backed the Labour party for the past decade or so.

Not today - and they are not pulling any punches in an article called

"Infantile, dishonest and downright dodgy"

which you can read here).

It begins

"Civil servants are right to be angry over the way they've been forced to prepare election propaganda for Labour. The rest of us should be furious too.

Through our taxes, we pay Whitehall to serve us with political impartiality. Yet, disgracefully, Treasury officials have been made to spend countless hours compiling a 150-page document whose sole purpose is to undermine the Tories.

But this is far from the only reason why Alistair Darling should be ashamed of his 'dodgy dossier', which purports to put prices on Tory election pledges.
For the fact is that this document, which claims to identify a £34billion 'black hole' in David Cameron's spending plans, is deeply dishonest from cover to cover.

In a deliberate attempt to deceive - so transparent that it fools nobody - the Chancellor has taken every vague Tory aspiration and presented it as a binding election commitment, with the maximum possible price-tag attached.

Thus, he claims Mr Cameron's 'pledge' to abolish Labour's 50p income tax rate will cost £2.4billion a year, while scrapping stamp duty on shares, as a means of boosting pensions, would cost £5.2billion.

Just one problem: the Tories have made no such commitments - though many may wish they had.
To put it bluntly, Mr Darling is telling lies."

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