Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feedback: Braystones consultation

The second local consultation on the draft Nuclear Planning Policy Statement, for the proposed Braystones site, took place on Saturday morning.

There was a good attendance and a lot of strongly felt views were put forward.

It was my impression that the great majority of speakers from the floor were in favour of the principle of nuclear new build locally and in particular at Sellafield, but not at Braystones (or Kirksanton.)

There were however two minority views expressed: some speakers from the floor supported new build at all three sites in Cumbria (Sellafield, Braystones, and Kirksanton) while others took the opposite view and were opposed to nuclear power anywhere.

Issues raised included

* Roads and Infrastructure
* Planning blight
* Nuclear waste disposal
* Flooding
* Effectiveness of the consultation

The consultation remains open until 22nd February. The next consultation meeting, for the Kirksanton site, is next Saturday.

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