Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lib/Dem caught planting false scare story

There are decent people in all political parties and, unfortunately, some who are less so.

I would like to see a clean campaign at the General Election - by which I don't mean that nobody should criticise their opponents but I do mean don't tell lies about them, or indulge in gratuitous personal comments about their private lives. Judging by events to date that is likely to be a vain hope.

However, just occasionally the worst offenders get caught. Frightening vulnerable groups such as pensioners and patients with scare stories of possible cuts is a low and wicked tactic if the person spreading the tales knows them to be false. I was not exactly pleased to read this story on Guido's blog of someone who was caught red-handed planting such a story. But I was certainly pleased that he didn't get away with this dirty trick.

Liberal Democrat activist Dan Falchikov was foolish enough to boast into his mobile phone while on the train about how he stirred up a rumour that had been picked up by the press about "secret Labour plans" for the closure of Kingston Hospital. Mr Falchikov did not realise he was sitting opposite the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire.

This sort of tactic is wrong had he been Liberal, Tory, or Labour. Let's hope his getting found out makes others who might have tried such things think again.

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Jane said...

A fair cop!

This is no way to do politics, irrespective of political persuasion.

The Copeland Conservative, Lib Dem and Green Prospective Parliamentary Candidates have publicaly pledged to conduct a clean campaign, based on the issues, refraining from personal attacks and lies.

Jamie Reed's turn?