Shooting Incident in Whitehaven

12.00 noon radio cumbria news
There has been a shooting incident in Whitehaven. Apparently at 10.30am in Duke Street a man fired shots and several people were injured - unfortunately one person has been confirmed dead (bbc news site). A man has left town heading south down the coast and the police have advised everyone from Whitehaven to Ravenglass to stay indoors.

2.00 pm The police are now advising people in Whitehaven down to Millom and west to the Eskdale valley to stay indoors. It is believed that there are now 4 people who have died.

2.04 pm The police have advised that they believe that they have found the body of Derrick Bird in a wooded area in Boot. However the advice is still to stay indoors.

2.50 pm The police are saying that those who were sheltering can now go about their day to day business.


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