Coastguard Consultation

The government is conducting a consultation, which is open until 4pm on March 25, on how to modernize the Coastguard service and make it more effective at protecting lives at sea.

The plans aim to refocus the service, centralising parts of the control arrangements in order to redeploy resources into the areas which are currently most overstretched, particularly on the front line – for example, increasing the number of regular coastguard officers from 80 to 105.

Anybody who is interested either in the full details of what is actually proposed, or who would like to put their views into the consultation, can do so online at

Paper copies of the proposals can be ordered by ringing 02380 839 587, or you can write asking for the documents or to submit your views at:

HM Coastguard Modernisation Consultation,
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
Spring Place,
Bay 2/13, 105 Commercial Road,
Southampton SO15 1EG.


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