Hell has officially frozen over yet again

A straight answer at Prime Minister's question time!

"Red Ed" asked if DC was happy with the policy on forests.

The PM's answer began with the words "The short answer is No."

He continued by making clear that the government is listening to the concerns being expressed during the present consultation and that there may well be a change to the proposals which were originally put forward.

(There have been some funny comments on both sides of this one: some of the Labour benches called out "Timber" at this point, though I still like the line that the main reason Labour have been converted to the idea of keeping trees in public ownership is that they think money grows on them.)

The leader of the opposition obviously wasn't expecting an honest reply, he appeared to continue with a line of questions which had been written in advance and based on the assumption that the PM wasn't going to answer the previous one.

A straight answer to a straight question at PMQs was most unusual in the past but the fact that David Cameron gives them far more often is a good thing.


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