Inventions we would love to "disinvent"

What are the inventions you most wish had never been thought of?

My two least favourite inventions are

1) The dangerous device fitted to almost all cars which disengages the turning indicator signal if the steering wheel is turned past straight ahead in the opposite direction from the turn being signalled.

The problem with it is that in a number of frequently encountered circumstances, such as when a car is approaching a junction or entrance where it will turn in one direction, but the road curves in the other, this infernal system will switch off the signal before the vehicle begins the manouver. Thus creating a hazard by either distracting the driver at a bad time while he or she has to switch the indicator lights on again, or resulting in the wrong signals being sent to other road users.

2) The TV remote control

Possibly a useful device for lazy people in households populated entirely by adults, but less so in households which contain children, whom no proportionate sanction can dissuade from walking off with remote controls and forgetting where they have put them.

And don't get me started on some of the recent "upgrades" from Microsoft ...

What would you most like to "disinvent?"


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