Apparently lots more people than usual are getting married today having selected the date for their special day because of the rare combination of numbers - 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the century. They are pointing out that we won't get another combination of this exact kind for eighty-eight years and nineteen days (on New Year's Day 2101 which will be 01/01/01).

However, in eight days' time there will be an even rarer date and number combination of a slightly different type and that will be the last such special combination for a very long time indeed.

Next Thursday with be 20/12/2012 (the 20th day of the 12th month of 2012)!

Wonder how many people are getting married then? Perhaps a bit too close to Christmas.

The human brain is hardwired to spot patterns so it is not surprising that we notice things like this. Sadly there won't be anything of exactly the same type to amuse us for a long time, but somehow I suspect people will find some other pattern of numbers to spot.


Jim said…
The next one in the form of 12/12/12 will be 01/01/01 but the 01 is of course 2101 - and whilst I don't really rule it out, at the moment I don't think either of us will see it.

Though it isnt too long until the end of the mayan calander 11:11 UTC on 21/12/2012. The one thats had all the tv programs/prophesy/end of the world
around it. Though my advise to all readers would be enjoy it, laugh it off, but dont quit your job or sell up.
jim said…
next one of 20/12/2012 format is not much longer away than 01/01/01

it will be 21/01/2101
20 days after 01/01/01

although if we were Americans we would never see this format again. As of course for some strange reason they insist on writing day and date the wrong way round.

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