Paying cash for scrap metal is now illegal

This week an amendment in the law comes into effect making it illegal for dealers to pay cash for scrap metal. This is one of a number of changes in the law which have been passed or are in the pipeline to cut down on the modern plague of metal theft. Let's keep up the pressure and see if we can drive the metal thieves out of business before they are responsible for someone's death.


Anonymous said…
Why just metal thieves? Why not all thieves? When are we going to see the same applied for car boot sales, never.
Chris Whiteside said…
I certainly agree that we need to make life as difficult as possible for all thieves and not just metal thieves.

But metal theft is a particular curse which has been on the rise for the past few years and causes more risk than most types of theft to innocent lives.

So it is worthwhile to make a special effort to deal with it. That does not mean it is not also worth thinking about how to stop other types of theft.
Anonymous said…
You mean it affects businesses more than it effects the public so it gets dealt with quickly.
Chris Whiteside said…
That's absolute rubbish. Metal theft often puts lives at risk.

When metal theft gangs rip out phone lines, power cables, control mechanisms for railway signals, or gas lines, they are creating a danger that 999 callsmay not get through, that trains may crash, that there may be fires or explosions.

The reason I am so strongly in favour of cracking down on metal theft is not mainly because it costs business a fortune - although it does, and that is an additional valid reason to object to it - but because sooner or later it is going to lead to the deaths of innocent people.
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