Investing in the fight against cancer

Cancer is a terrible illness that affects 1 in 3 of us during our lifetime.

We are in a war against cancer, but Conservatives in government have taken the following measures to help those who suffer from cancer:

Created the £200 million a year Cancer Drugs Fund to help people access the medicines and
    treatments they need. This has already helped 23,000 patients across the country.

Established a £15 million Radiotherapy Innovation Fund to ensure that radiotherapy
    centres are ready to deliver advanced radiotherapy to patients who might benefit.

Invested £250 million in ‘proton beam therapy’ radiotherapy cancer services in Manchester
    and London to ensure 1,500 cancer patients a year can benefit from this advanced treatment.

Committed £100 million to transform cancer treatment in England by introducing high-tech
    DNA mapping for cancer patients and those with rare diseases within the NHS.

Conservatives know how big a challenge the battle against cancer is but we are rising to that challenge by investing in new technologies to fight it and win so that patients have a chance for a new start and a life worth living.


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