Mid Staffs Hospital scandal

Between 2005 and 2009, a large number of patients at the Mid Staffordshire hospital suffered appallingly from a lack of the most basic care, and in many cases, they died needlessly.
The present coalition government ordered a full public inquiry into the scandal when it came into office in June 2010, and this inquiry reported yesterday.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“What happened at The Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust was not just wrong - it was truly dreadful. Hundreds of people suffered from the most appalling neglect and mistreatment.

“On behalf of the government – and indeed our country – I am truly sorry.

“This government has put compassion ahead of bureaucratic process-driven targets and put quality of care on a par with quality of treatment.

“But it is clear we need to do more. We will study every one of the 290 recommendations in today’s report and respond in detail next month.”


Jim said…
There is a classic example.

What would have happened to this hospital on the free market? - it would have lost all its clients and been forced into closure, allowing a competitive better hospital to prosper.

Im not saying the NHS should be privatised, I am just using this example to show that the free market is self regulatory, and much more efficient than the public sector.

Could you imagine the invisible hand of the free market saying "hmmmmm before I guide this hospital into the depths of history, then i will look at these 290 recommendations"

Its for this reason that bad banks should have been allowed to fail in 2008.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, most of the Civil Service is exactly the same, looking after their own self interest.

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