The price of years of Labour incompetence

As a result of the economies which the coaliltion government has had to make to correct the dire financial postision inherited from Labour in 2010, compounded by years of Labour mismangement on Copeland Borough Council, the following cuts will be made in Copeland from 1st April

  • Whitehaven tourist information centre will close
  • Public toilets will close, including James Street (Whitehaven), Cleator Moor Square, Chapel Street (Egremont) and St Bees foreshore
  • grass cutting on open spaces reduced to one or two cuts a year (down from 14)
  • the concessionary travel scheme will be withdrawn
  • plastic and cardboard recycling will not be collected from doorsteps
  • car park charges to go up by 22p for one hour, and 70p for four hours
  • a 15 per cent increase on cemetery prices, and a 12 per cent increase for the crematorium. Increases will also be made to some taxi licence charges.
  • flower tubs and public displays will be removed, and street furniture not replaced when it reaches the end of its life


Jim said…
Not really so sure on the car park charges, Do you think it may lead to more people just illegally parking, or even not bothering with the town at all and going to workington?
There is more there and since the new bypass opened its quite quick to get there.

The other cuts are not really so bad, spending must be cut, and as for the crem charges, well ok, after all i don't imagine that will lead to a boycott of people using the service.

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