Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Government changes pension rules to help NHS staff

Today the government has given NHS care a boost by overhauling pension rules for staff, so that they are liberated to treat more people, help reduce waiting times and ensure that our funding is reaching the front line. 

Key facts:
  • We are changing pension rules for senior clinicians so that they can take on extra shifts and treat more patients without losing out financially – which will help reduce waiting times. 
  • The new rules will allow top doctors, surgeons, senior nurses and other high-earning clinicians to scale down their pension contributions without losing out on employer contributions. 
  • By getting full flexibility over how much they put in, the new proposals will mean senior staff can run additional clinics, and deliver for more patients nationwide. 

Why this matters:

NHS doctors do extraordinary, life-saving work every day and they should not have to worry about the tax impacts if they choose to go the extra mile by taking on additional work to help patients. These changes will also ensure that the £33.9 billion in NHS funding gets to staff and patients on the front line.

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