Aid to civilians in Gaza

Yesterday the UK government delivered further humanitarian aid for innocent civilians in Gaza, supporting civilians affected by the conflict while backing Israel’s right to defend itself.

  • This war was started by a barbaric Hamas attack which included a deliberate massacre of civilians including women and children. Israel has a right both to defend itself and to seek the release of hostages taken by Hamas. However, it is also vital that we do everything we can to support innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. 
  • That is why the UK has delivered further vital aid to innocent Palestinian civilians in our latest shipment that landed in Egypt yesterday. This additional aid builds on the 21 tonnes of essential supplies delivered last week and our £30 million increase in UK assistance to Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • We are leading on the international stage as we work to prevent escalation of the conflict in Gaza, help British nationals in the region and support innocent Palestinian civilians while also defending Israel’s right to defend itself.


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