Bletchley AI summit continues

Yesterday leading AI nations signed the landmark Bletchley Declaration, agreeing safe and responsible development of frontier AI whilst embracing its enormous opportunities, as we take the long-term decisions for a brighter future. 

  • AI brings limitless opportunity to grow the global economy, deliver better public services and tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, but there are also long-term risks and challenges that we must understand and address to keep us safe.
  • That is why the PM has brought together leading AI nations, organisations and experts including the US, China and Japan. Leading AI nations have reached a world-first agreement at Bletchley Park establishing a shared understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by frontier AI, enabling the enormous opportunities it will bring as we make progress on talks paving the way for a safer world.
  • Certain people who, frankly ought to know better, have been critical of the decision to invite China to the summit. This is wrong-headed. There are certain issues - Climate change and the environment is an obvious one, controlling disease and pandemics is second, and regulating AI is a third - on which we have to try to reach as much agreement as possible with all the other nations with whom we share this planet, no matter how much we may disagree on these and other issues.
  • We are leading the way to make sure that everyone can benefit from the huge economic and social opportunities that AI brings while working with our international partners to understand and mitigate the risks, taking the long-term decisions to do what is right and necessary to keep us safe.

Today, the Prime Minister led the second day of talks at this first ever AI safety summit and has been meeting with Elon Musk this evening in Whitehall, considering the plans outlined following the Bletchley Summit to manage the risks of AI.

  • There will be nothing more transformative to the futures of our children and grandchildren than technological advances like AI.
  • That is why today the Prime Minister has been focused on global responsibility to address the risks of AI, international collaboration needed to develop this in the coming years and the plan for state-backed testing and evaluation of AI models before they are released. These important conversations will allow us to seize the opportunities of AI.
  • We owe it to future generations to ensure AI develops in a safe and responsible way, gripping the risks it poses early enough in the process to ensure we reap the rewards of AI in the long-term.


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