Sunday, November 01, 2015

DAESH claims responsibility for Russian Airliner crash

Decent people around the world will share the grief of the Russian people at the crash yesterday of an airliner with 224 innocent people on board including 25 children, one of them just ten months old.

Whatever our disagreements with Vladimir Putin, the holidaymakers and crew on that plane were not to blame for them.

Such considerations do, not, however, concern DAESH, the self-styled "Islamic State" which has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the plane, saying they had targeted an aircraft "with at least 220 Russian crusaders on board."

Nobody with any judgement should trust a word DAESH says, and if a spokesman for their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said it was raining I would look outside and check. It would be wiser not jump to the conclusion that they actually did have anything to do with bringing down that plane. But it tells you something about how sick and twisted their minds are that, whether or not they actually shot it down, they think it is in some way to their advantage to claim to have done so.

A few months ago another airliner crashed with the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and it is almost certain that that one really was shot down. The people who did this were grossly irresponsible and deserve to face a court, but it is likely that the destruction of Malaysian Airliner MH17 was a ghastly mistake perpetrated by people who thought they were shooting at a military aircraft on the opposing side of a war. All sides of that conflict recognised what had happened as a horrible tragedy, denied having done it and tried to blame someone else. Of course, this in no way whatsoever excuses those who fired the missile which killed those people from responsibility for the terrible thing they did.

However, DAESH, by contrast, actually boasts about shooting down men, women and children, and claims to have done this in the name of a God they describe as "the compassionate, the merciful."

The mind of someone capable of trying to claim "credit" for such an evil, to describe an infant less than a year old as a "crusader" who they can boast about supposedly killing, is about as depraved as a human being can get.

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