Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Email issues

I try to respond to individual emails within 72 hours, or faster if possible.

This does not apply to unsolicited attempts to sell me things, circular messages which have gone to a wide circulation such as every member of the county council (especially from people on the other side of the country trying to stop people in my division getting jobs) or messages which appear to contain harmful attachments or not to come from the people they purport to be from.

But if I see a message which appears to be from a constituent I will respond as quickly as possible.

I have had some problems in the past with genuine emails not getting through to me, either because they are picked up in error by my SPAM filters (all the more infuriating given the mountain of SPAM which does get through) or because of technical problems, particularly with my county council email.

If you are a constituent and you have sent me an email and not had a response within 72 hours, then

1) please accept my apologies, and

2) the most likely explanation is that I have not seen it.

In this case please telephone me (my home number is in the telephone directory, my county council phone number is given on the county councillor details page of the Cumbria County Council website) or drop me a letter.

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