Thursday, May 09, 2019

European election postal ballots arrive ...

Received my ballot papers today for the elections which hardly anyone wanted - for British seats in the next European parliament.

The North West Region ballot paper is, shall we say, interesting.

One or two good people on the paper - pleased to see my good friend Kevin Beaty, a farmer from Cumbria who was Leader of Eden District Council up until last week's elections, took the number two place on the Conservative ticket, the highest slot available to anyone not a sitting MEP. 

And although I do not share his view on a people's vote, sitting MEP Saj Karim has worked extremely hard and effectively for all the people of the North West for more than a decade and taken up many important causes that not enough other politicians have paid attention to.

But for the rest, I am struck by how many truly egregious candidates are standing. In that respect think it is literally the most horrifying ballot paper I have seen in my life - even worse than the previous two North West European  ballot papers which included BNP chairman Nick Griffin (who to our shame was actually elected in 2009. That's probably why Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is standing here under his usual alias of Tommy Robinson.)

More on this to follow ...  

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